Anthem Worship

a worship collective from Loma Linda, CA

About This Song

Save the Day is a song about how God’s love is unconditional. We’ve all felt like we didn’t measure up – maybe due to pressure from family, friends, or the church itself. Still this song is a reminder that God doesn’t care if we’re perfect – he cares that we are us and share the love that he’s first given us.


Verse 1
If I'm being honest I've been exhausted 
I'm just tired of being told I'm not enough 
If I'm being honest I've been just angry 
When religion says I'll never measure up 

I don't have to save the day 
I don't have to make the way
When they say that I'm not worthy 
You say I am enough

I don't have to give it all 
I don't have to take the fall
You tell them who I am 
And who I am is loved 

And that is enough
That is enough
‘Cause I am loved 
That is enough
That is enough

Verse 2
We are worthy
We are crafted beautiful
We are human
You breathed and made us whole
No we're not listening to the lies that tear us down 
We are building a house where love is found 

You say I am worthy, valued, 
Chosen by You 
You say I am wanted, needed 
You'll always pursue

You say I am priceless, precious 
Made perfect in You
You say I have freedom, acceptance
There's nothing I can do