Anthem Worship

a worship collective from Loma Linda, CA

Verse 1
We've seen Your goodness
We've heard Your words
We've known Your kindness
We've felt Your stir
We've seen You working, leading our way
Seen Your hand moving, guiding our day

We respond to who You are
We receive with open hearts 
So send us out, to bring heaven to the darkness 
We've been changed because of You
By Your Spirit you’ve made us new 
Now send us out to bring heaven to the darkness 

Verse 2
You told the blind man “rise up and see"
You tell the hopeless “find hope in Me"
You free your people, break every chain
You fight for justice, heal those in pain

Open our hearts, fill us with fire 
Spirit move now, give us desire 
Teach us to love, we're ready to be made new 

This is our prayer, we only have one 
Your Kingdom here, Your will be done 
Show us Your heart, we're ready for what You'll do