Anthem Worship

Anthem Worship

a worship collective from Loma Linda, CA

Anthem Worship Releases Inspiring New Single – “Giants”

LOMA LINDA, California – Anthem Worship, a worship collective from Loma Linda, CA, today released their latest single, “Giants” on all streaming platforms. This powerful and uplifting track encourages listeners to find strength and hope in God’s presence, even facing life’s most daunting challenges.

”Giants is a testament to God’s unwavering guidance and support during trying times,” says Anthem Pastor and band leader Josh Jamieson. “We wrote ‘Giants’ as a reminder that no matter the challenges you face, God is with you, guiding you, and fighting on your behalf. We hope this song resonates with you and offers a sense of comfort, courage, and inspiration on your journey.”

Anthem Worship is a worship collective based out of Anthem x LLUC in Loma Linda, CA. With a mission to create inspiring and relatable music that encourages spiritual growth and connection, Anthem Worship continues to make a lasting impact within the Christian music community. Their previous EPs, “Universal Hearts” (2021) and “Human” (2022), have garnered praise and appreciation for their heartfelt messages and contemporary sound. Notable songs from their repertoire include “Here to Stay,” “Save the Day,” “Arms Wide Open,” “You are Strong,” and their popular cover of Elevation Worship’s “My Testimony.”

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Anthem Worship

Anthem Worship

a worship collective from Loma Linda, California