Anthem Worship

Anthem Worship

a worship collective from Loma Linda, CA

Anthem Worship Releases Emotionally-Vulnerable Single, At My Worst

At My Worst by Anthem Worship album cover

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LOMA LINDA, California – Anthem Worship today released their latest single “At My Worst.” This song engages listeners in an intimate conversation with God, where we are honest about not being ok, with the ultimate reminder that His love never fails.

“At My Worst” is a sonic experience – a tribute to the times when one questions if they are worthy of love, even from the Almighty. This single will resonate with not just the followers of the Christian faith, but with anyone who has experienced moments of self-doubt and seeks solace and reassurance.
Lead vocalist Jared Jamieson shares, “‘At My Worst’ is a conversation we’ve all had with God. We’ve all wondered if we are worthy of love from Him and others. Through this song, we want listeners to know that it’s okay to be vulnerable – both with God and those around us. Even in those moments, God’s love is unwavering.”

Anthem Worship’s powerful blend of powerful melodies, innovative sonics, and spiritually-enriching lyrics has always been welcomed by audiences and critics alike. “At My Worst” is expected to further solidify their place as a band that touches hearts and enriches souls.

About Anthem Worship

Anthem Worship is a Christian Music collective from Loma Linda, California, based on the campus of Loma Linda University. With a repertoire that combines beautiful melodies and innovate sounds with messages of faith, Anthem Worship has carved a unique niche in the Christian music industry.
Their previous EPs, “Universal Hearts” (2021) and “Human” (2022), have garnered praise and appreciation for their heartfelt messages and contemporary sound. Notable songs from their repertoire include “Here to Stay,” “Save the Day,” “Giants,” “You are Strong,” and their popular cover of Elevation Worship’s “My Testimony.”

Anthem Worship

Anthem Worship

a worship collective from Loma Linda, California