Anthem Worship

Anthem Worship

a worship collective from Loma Linda, CA

Anthem Worship Releases Here to Stay

Anthem Worship has released the long-awaited studio version of the hit song Here to Stay.

”We’ve been through a rollercoaster of the past few years – pandemic, war, violence, and all the ways that it’s touched our personal lives,” says Pastor Josh Jamieson. “No matter what season you’re in, this song is relatable. We believe that God remains through it all.

Here to Stay was written right as the war in Ukraine was breaking out and the omicron variant was surging in America. Additionally, the Anthem church congregation had just experienced a loss due to suicide. These events not only inspired the song but prompted the group to release an acoustic version of the song as soon as possible.

To do this song at your church, you can find chord charts, lyrics, and slides on the Anthem Worship Resource Center.

About Anthem Worship

Anthem Worship is the collective based out of Anthem x LLUC, a church gathering on the campus of Loma Linda University in California. The group has been noted for its innovative approach to worship music, incorporating fresh sounds with deep lyrics for a modern worship experience.


Performed by Anthem Worship featuring Brianna Cruz

Written by Joshua Jamieson, Jared Jamieson, and David Ryan Olson

Produced by David Ryan Olson and Jared Jamieson at Evergreen Records

Mixed by David Ryan Olson at Evergreen Records

Mastered by Mike Cervantes at The Foxboro

Anthem Worship

Anthem Worship

a worship collective from Loma Linda, California